World's Youngest Author Recognition

Help Bryan achieve the title of the World's Youngest Author by supporting this venture and buying his book. The Guinness Book of World Records has researched his case and accepted his application.  All we have to do is sell books so that our special little guy can bestowed with this honor.  We hope you will join us in our pursuit of this exceptional honor for Bryan!

Bryan's book, There Once Was A Boy Who Swallowed The Alphabet, can now be purchased on Amazon!

Welcome to ABC Adventures!

ABC Adventures Publishing, LLC, is operated by the Patrick Family located in New Bern, NC. We are excited for you to be reading about us, our love of reading and for you to discover the books that we have written!  Alphabet Adventures got its start as a result of efforts to support and encourage young Bryan's interest and love for the alphabet!

Bryan is a 3 year old who lives in New Bern, NC with his parents. Bryan developed an intense love of the alphabet by the age of 2.  Before his 3rd birthday, Bryan knew all of the letters, letter sounds and would sometimes carry letters around in his pockets.  On his 3rd birthday, Bryan had an alphabet themed birthday party with an alphabet bike as his favorite gift! He REALLY loves letters!

After reading many books about the alphabet and even a visit to an alphabet museum, Bryan had the idea to write his own alphabet book. Bryan’s book is simple, but is 100% his own. Bryan worked on typing “his important work” every day for about a month until he was done.  He was adamant that no one “change his words.” As a result, we have his alphabet book entitled, “The Boy Who Swallowed the Alphabet!”

Shortly after Bryan had the idea to write his own book, he soon had the idea to grow an alphabet garden.  During the spring and summer of 2023, Bryan and his family embarked on an adventure to grow a real alphabet garden, planting something for every letter from A to Z (or from Arugula to Zucchini)!  The garden grew into a fun-filled experience with visits from neighbors, research into fruits and vegetables that would grow in eastern North Carolina, and of course delicious recipes using fresh produce from the garden.  This sparked the idea for the book, "Bryan's Alphabet Garden."

The story of “Bryan’s Alphabet Garden” was written by Eleanor (Bryan’s mom) as an effort to capture the family’s experience growing the alphabet garden.  After scribbling out a few lines, Eleanor realized that it was actually a great story for young readers and aspiring gardeners. 

We invite you to join us on our ABC Adventures!